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My Favorite Poem

NOTE: This is a poem I found a while ago on a site called 'pigpen poetry'. I loved it so much that I wrote it down, even though the author was anonymous and not a "professional" or identifiable poet. I have tried to figure out who wrote this poem, or if they had written more pieces that I could read. Ever since that day of initial discovery, I have not been able to find the poem again, nor who wrote it (not even their username).

Whoever you are, you have written my favorite poem.

**EDIT: Read the comments section!

The night was the night.

The mosquitos' whine sounded

like mosquitos whining, and the moon

was large and glowed

in the darkness like the moon.

Metaphors and similes withered like

comparisons we could no longer make.

Everything was simply what it was.




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