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The Polluted Moon is, as from the subtitle you may infer, a blog about anything. In it you will find poetry (sensitive spot here-please be nice in the comments), short stories  (pocket size paragraphs of fiction), inspiration (the miscellaneous section of works by people other than myself), and of course (since I am claiming this is a blog) blog posts. Everything is written by me unless otherwise specified.


Writing has always been something that, at the best of times, came to me of its own volition. This blog is where I let it roam free, and explore where words take me when I am not carefully guiding them. This is a trial for me, as I have never done anything even remotely like this before. No school newspaper or writing clubs. Just my sad little composition notebook that I guard with my life. I am happy to share with you these 'anything' snippets, and hope to hear your thoughts as well.

For Users

First of all, thanks for stopping by. 

Second-- COMMENT! But please keep any nasty comments to yourself. Overly rude or mean-spirited comments will be deleted. Criticism and expression of unique ideas, however, are encouraged. Discussion, not confrontation; please and thank you.

If you choose to quote me, please link to this cite or use my full name if you know it. Plagiarism isn't cool, kids.

Tell your friends about it, and come again. New material will be posted- not regularly- but a decent amount. More traffic=more posts.

Lastly, please post to the forum!! I love to read others' works, and no matter your skill level, preferred type of writing, or even language, the forum is a safe and open space for everyone to dare to put a little piece of themselves out into the world as I am (this site doesn't get much traffic anyway... don't worry). If you wish to remain anonymous that is completely fine! We will cherish you either way.


Read more about site policy in the Terms, Conditions, and Privacy page (members: here, nonmembers: here).


Originally I had wished to remain anonymous for this enterprise, however, as most of you know, that did not last very long. That being said, it is easier for me to write and show people personal things when I am able to pretend as though they do not know who I am. If you happen to know me personally, that's alright. If you would like to give feedback, compliments, or criticism on my writing, please utilize the comments section, not my dms! And if you have some harsh judgments about the thoughts and/or actions I share here-- my ignorance on the matter will allow me to keep posting uninhibited. Thank you all for your discretion.

For those of you who notice grammar errors or a pointed lack of capitalization, I sincerely apologize. No, I do not write like this all of the time. This is a style I have always been fascinated with reading, and one I choose to use occasionally on this expedition. It is free of inhibition, and honestly, it's just easier to type a stream-of-consciousness piece in this manner. Again, I apologize to any who may be offended.

If you notice any dates on a post before you click on it, the date is referring to when I published it. Within the post you will find notated the date that I originally wrote the piece. I will be publishing some things that are 'old' and that I had written long before I even dreamt of making this website. If that's a problem, don't read those ones. They're probably embarrassing anyway.


Thank you to my mother, who has inspired me from the beginning of my life with her professionally unrecognized yet amazingly beautiful prose and writing skills. I have always believed, and still believe, that she could be, and deserves to be, a famous poet and author. She doesn't know I have this website, but I would be remiss not to mention her in this section.

Thank you to my high school creative writing/English teacher; a beautiful soul whose love of literature and the arts inspires me still. My class gave her a rough time, but I hope she never loses the spark and love for learning that was so obvious when I had her as my teacher. Her words of encouragement are in part what pushed me to create this website.

Thank you, finally, to my readers. Although there are not yet many, every new view, like, comment, member, and forum post pushes me to write and publish new material.

I hope you all enjoy.

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