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2 Oct 2023


I go to the woods to exist with

the sounds and the colors and the shapes and the smells

I think it is to forget my own

But always they humble me to remember

that we are one - - -

I go to the woods to get out of the woods

to remember that I am part of the woods

that we are all always in the woods

encroached upon in her own domain

we feign ignorance to separate land and space

from being

It and we and sometimes an I

melding forms as dusk approaches

it is unfortunate that it is then when I must diverge

"must". Why fear bodily harm to such an extent

from such an ever giving and forgiving entity?

Is it karma we run from? Ignorance?

The intimate unknown?

It is a blessed time indeed to find myself

not running; not running into or out of

the woods


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