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envisioning stepping outside at the culmination of a night without sleep

This is a poem I wrote for my high school creative writing class, modeled after a poem by Suheir Hammad.

4 Jan 2016


I’m gonna sing it for you, in a poem,

the way the stars blanketed the night sky

above the vast horizon,

Little angels of the night twinkling

softly as the clouds blush pink at the hint of dawn.

Faintest touch of nearing day,

the shifting sky a wash

of violet hues, how quick

the air sharpens

in my nostrils- breath as crisp

as mint under brightening shades of leafy green.

The dew anoints my feet, bare

inside shoes that drink up

the grass’s offering. Humbled

under the swirl of pending daylight, the

harmonious silence drenches

my senses in wonder. A piece perfectly

composed; and I’m gonna sing it for you-

one day-

In a poem.



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