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childhood memory

1 Oct 2015


Muffled puffy beings seen

walking in the snow.

Indistinct features from each other

as far as snowsuits show.

One is slightly taller, nimble,

The other not so lean.

Into the woods beside the house

the happy pair is seen.

Muffled puffy beings roll

into forts of snow.

Twigs and things and branches

SNAP as explorin’ these two go.

One is slightly older, smarter,

prepares snowballs for a fight.

The other can’t make snowballs faster,

try as though she might.

Muffled puffy beings play

all day in the snow.

Not all time can be spent playing,

or spent together, though.

One is slightly tougher, stronger,

with his bare hands could kill a mouse.

The other can’t stay here much longer,

and goes back to her other house.



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