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December 4th, 2018

loneliness is a curious thing.

sometimes you anticipate it- being thrust into the void by circumstances or surroundings. but sometimes you don't- waking up one day to the stunning silence. to the weight of the absence of company. to the longing for intimacy.

loneliness is a curious friend.

finding you without a companion it offers itself as tribute readily. in the quiet solitary hours of the night or in plain daylight where people abound. it eats up your time but leaves you restless and dissatisfied. intangibly present, it's an enigma that begs to be placated.

loneliness is curious.

it explores every facet of your life, of your being. it haunts your thoughts and questions your activities. it asks what and how and who and why not you? it pushes you to wonder the difference between friends or foes and leaves you satisfied with either.


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