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i'm fine isn't cutting it

trigger warning: self harm, cutting, depression, suicidal thoughts

never do this. ever. harming yourself is not cool. harming yourself is not fun. being depressed or suicidal is not a fad. it is not a joke.

if you are suicidal call the suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255

or visit this website

December 5th, 2018

i miss cutting it felt so nice not the deed but the aftermath the swelling the thickening of skin the bleeding out i miss it i miss watching the red spill out of my wrists cuts thin as slits of paper red such a bright and brilliant color that was me i leaked that i bled that out of me it was so satisfying seeing my blood run free instead of the usual tears now i dont even cry anymore i just sit comatose love it seems so distant teach me how to feel again how to hurt i miss cutting i didnt do it often but i did it enough enough to miss it to taste the freedom of my insides finally seeing the light of day please cut me i need to feel again im bleeding out from the inside im too full of blood drain me express me cut through my thick skin it is getting hard to breathe


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