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I Dream of Dragons

3 Jun 2018


I dream of Dragons

Mighty Powerful Fierce

Born, yet immortal

I am scared

what have I done

This dragon is real

transcending time

He lurks around the corner

Jaws awaiting me

but he does not lunge

why can I escape

He watches over me

yet I am afraid

I dream of a Dragon

large as a fiery serpent of terror

He does not burn

but a fire in my mind

You feel familiar

I have seen you before

though we have not met

why are your colors so eerie

your horns so present

your enormous body easy to place

I speak as though I dream of dragons often

but You are a first

I remember Your face

Do not come near me, You

are dangerous

I do not know your type, but I know

You are not close for good

I dream of Dragons

I dream of A Dragon

I dream of You,

or is it me?



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